Wahl Super Taper Cordless Pro Lithium

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Wahl super taper cordless pro lithium

Details of the Wahl Super Taper Cordless Pro Lithium - WST01

Ideal for those who are used to and prefer the Wahl vibrator clipper design but desire the convenience of cordless. The mains/rechargeable function allows you to clip without the restriction of a cord and can be used on the cord if the charge is running low.


• Lithium Ion battery technology means an outstanding 90 minute run time from a 120 minute charge time
• Convenient thumb lever adjusts the taper & texture without changing the blades
• Uses exiisting Super Taper combs for added convenience
• LED light displays when the clipper is charging
• With an RPM of 5,500 this clipper delivers a solid cutting performance

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