Wahl Clipper Attachment Metal No 1 - 3


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Wahl clipper attachment metal no 1 - 3

Details of the Wahl Clipper Attachment Metal No 1 - 3 - WCA09

Standard Fitting Metal Backed Combs These fit the Super Taper range, Premier Cut, Balding Clippers, Baldfader, Envoy, Flair, 5 Star Magic Clip, Designer, ChromePro and Xtender Blender clippers. Set of four combs (1, 2, 3 and 4). Combs are metal backed for added strength and flexibility.


  • Fits Only Wahl Clippers.
  • Metal Bracket Across Bottom of Comb.
  • Black Plastic Nylon Comb.
  • Snaps On.

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