Ultimate Organics Moisturizing Body Gloss 12 oz

Ultimate Organic

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Ultimate organics moisturizing body gloss 12 oz

Details of the Ultimate Organics Moisturizing Body Gloss 12 oz - ULT01

A light, deep penetrating blend of oils that leave skin smooth, soft and with a radiant glow

Ultimate Organics Moisturizing Body Gloss is serious therapy for dull skin. This luxurious blend of essential oils is fast absorbing, light, and moisturizes, revitalizes and heals dry, ashy skin. Your skin is left feeling silky soft and with a beautifully polished glow.


  • Enriched with Aloe, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, Almond and Ginseng Extract.
  • Leaves Skin Smooth, Soft and with a Radiant Glow.
  • Revitalizes Dry, Ashy Skin and is Fast Absorbing.
  • A Light, Deep Penetrating Blend of Oils.
  • Serious Therapy for Dull Skin.

Directions: Apply as needed to dry ares all over the body. For deeper penetration, pour a cap full of oil into bath water, or work oil into dry areas immediately after shower or bath.

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