Tinkle Hair Cutter (10pcs in a box)


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Tinkle hair cutter (10pcs in a box)

Details of the Tinkle Hair Cutter (10pcs in a box) - TIN01

Tinkle Hair Cutter, so you can cut your hair as you comb it. It is modern hairdressing appliance for easy and convenient use at home. It enables one to generate the newest hair styling. If you have thin hair, cut the delicate parts. If you have thick hair you can cut a lot quickly. Directions: Sprinkling water on the hair will make cutting a lot easier. (Please be sure to use vinyl or cloth to prevent cut hair from sticking to your clothes or skin). When cutting on lay partially, hold your hair with your index and middle fingers and cut it. When you change blades, please push your thumb toward the open direction. Dorco stainless blades will be better for a better shave.

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