J.R.B Organic Beez Wax Maximum Strength 8oz


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J.r.b organic beez wax maximum strength 8oz

Details of the J.R.B Organic Beez Wax Maximum Strength 8oz - JRB02

JRB Beez wax is excellent for braids and dreadlocks. Pure beez wax is used to achieve maximum strengh for a perfect texture, with silky, softness and body. Formulated with the finest ingredients. Excellent dor braiding, crimping, waving, pressing, curling, and dreadlocks.

Directions: Pour a small amount of wax bewenn your fingers. Apply directly from roots. If you feel your hair seems to be greasy,that is to say you have put much more wax and you risk to stop the grow of your hair. So Becareful.

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