Isoplus Extra Virgin Olive OiL shampoo 16oz


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Isoplus extra virgin olive oil shampoo  16oz

Details of the Isoplus Extra Virgin Olive OiL shampoo 16oz - ISO17C

Isoplus Extra Virgin Olive Oil Shampoo Fresh, Rich Lather, this renewal shampoo, enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, smoothes the cuticle layer of your hair, which promotes great detangling and softening. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is better refined, to allow for a more pure product which helps to assist in the overall functionality of this shampoo.
In addition to Extra Virgin Olive Oil, other botanical agents in this shampoo team up to cleanse, conditionm, and treat the hair and scalp. The decadent aroma in this shampoo is soothing and will not overpower your senses.


  • light weight olive oil formula
  • Moisturizing & Conditioning
  • Body & Volume

Directions: Apply shampoo to wet hair, working up lather with hands. Rinse hair thoroughly and repeat.

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