HT26 Action Taches Body Lotion 500ml


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Ht26 action taches body lotion 500ml

Details of the HT26 Action Taches Body Lotion 500ml - HT2603

HT 26 Lait Action Taches Gold 500 ml: HT26 ACTION-TACHES BODY LOTION is an intensive concentrated skin care intended for black and coloured skin suffering from hyperpigmentation problems. The concentrated plants entering in its composition are selected for their effectiveness and their safety.   HT26 EXPLAINS Its special formula enriched in carrot oil will allow you to restore a very silky and satin-like skin at the very first application. Its daily use all over the body will help you to get or recover a brighter complexion, unified and with restored luminosity. It will leave your skin clearer day after day with a pleasant sensation of well being.

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