Hicks Total Transformation Diamond Oil 8oz


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Hicks total transformation diamond oil 8oz

Details of the Hicks Total Transformation Diamond Oil 8oz - HTT02

All of Hick's Total Transformations Exclusive Hair Products are formulated to make hair look good, build body, add strength, and put liveliness back into hair by giving it the essential vitamins and minerals your hair needs to stay healthy and strong.

Hicks Diamond Oil is a good source of Vitamin E Oil which contains essential fatty acids that help heal and sooth the hair and scalp when applied.

Hicks Diamond Oil works to soften hair and control dryness while preventing future breakages. The result? Light and silky hair with a long-lasting, lustrous shine.

Apply a small amount of oil into your hand and smooth into hair working to the ends. Comb or brush hair through to distribute product evenly.
For dry scalp - Segment your hair into small sections. Apply oil a little at a time on the scalp and massage in gently.

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