Fair & White Maxi Tone 250ml

Fair & White

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Fair & white maxi tone 250ml

Details of the Fair & White Maxi Tone 250ml - FNW07

Fair & White maxi tone 250ml

The FAIR&WHITE Maxi Tone care product contains a depigmenting ingredient targeting a visibly lighter complexion, and reduced marks.
How to use: Apply on the body every morning and repeat if necessary.

Designed for black, mat and cross skins, the FAIR & WHITE Original products are part of your daily hygiene for a radiant complexion.

Dark skins require particular attention because various factors can lead to an erratic melanin production (the pigments that colour your skin). The active ingredients in the FAIR & WHITE Original products directly act on the melanocytes responsible for melanin production, and therefore help to combat dark spots and hyper-pigmentation.

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