Dax Super Lanolin 14oz


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Dax super lanolin 14oz

Details of the Dax Super Lanolin 14oz - DAX22

Dax 100% PURE LANOLIN Super Hair Conditioner - 14oz jar

Dax Super Lanolin Conditioner
Dax Super Lanolin contains 100% pure lanolin to moiturize, soften, condition and make hair more manageable. This non-gummy, non-sticky formula protects against dryness and hair breakage. Highly recommended for hair that is brittle, breaking, or splitting at the ends.

Recommended for hair that is brittle, breaking or splitting at the ends. Restores moisture to excessively dry hair.

Directions: Rub into scalp daily. Comb into any style desired. Wonderful for adults and children. Wash hair once weekly with DAX Vegetable Oil Shampoo.


  • Lanolin — Enhances moisture retention resulting in softer, smoother hair.
  • Mineral Oil — Helps minimize frizz and enhance curl.

Usage Instructions:

  • Apply desired amount to hair and scalp daily.
  • Comb into any style

Hair Type:

  • Straight, curly or coarse hair structures
  • Any hair length

Expected Result:

  • Adds moisture to hair
  • Healthy, shiny hair
  • Reduction of split ends
  • Softer, more manageable hair and light hold
  • Can be used as a finishing cream after hot tools

Caution: Keep hair away from open flame.


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