Dax Hair Wax 3.5oz


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Dax hair wax 3.5oz

Details of the Dax Hair Wax 3.5oz - DAX44

DAX Hair Wax is a great styling wax for every day use. It's made using beeswax, which gives it strong holding power and is known to make hair stronger and thicker. Provides volume, shine and protection from damage caused by every day styling and heat. Contains a special emollient and cleanser to help it wash out easily. No more sticky, waxy residue that you get from other wax hair products. This wax is great for creating spikes and definition in your hair styles and it works well for straight, curly, or coarse hair. Leaves hair feeling soft and looking shiny.

Directions: Place desired amount of Dax Hair Wax into hands and rub between palms until even. Apply to clean, damp and/or dry hair for spiking, sculpting, and creating stiff definition. Use fingers to create your desired style.

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