Cover Your Gray Touch Up Stick 4.5 ml

Dagget & Ramsdell

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Cover your gray touch up stick 4.5 ml

Details of the Cover Your Gray Touch Up Stick 4.5 ml - DRS01

Touch-up gray hair instantly ... anywhere, anytime with this easy to use stick!- No Water Needed- Blends Beautifully- Go Longer Between Hair Colorings.Eight matching shades -Jet Black,Mednight Brown,light brown/blonde, medium brown, dark brown, black, auburn and mahogany. Choose the shade that's closest to your hair color. Cover Your Gray is compatible with all hair color.

  • Instantly and easily covers your gray.
  • Touch up sticks let you go longer between hair colorings
  • Easy and convenient color application beautifully blends and will not clump or mat
  • Safe formula washes out easily

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