Better Locks Lock & Hold Gel 5.5oz


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Better locks lock & hold gel 5.5oz

Details of the Better Locks Lock & Hold Gel 5.5oz - BTE02

Dreadlocks and twists have become a popular styling choice visibly seen across various cultural and ethnic groups. The ability to enjoy a low-maintenance hair style that is also self-expressive delivers a universal appeal. However, as with any desired style, lock and twist styles require proper care and maintenance. Better Locks® Lock & Hold Gel is formulated to give locks and twists a perfect hold with extraordinary volume and shine. Enriched with Shea Butter with Vitamin A & E it helps to rehydrate, protect and seal in moisture to the scalp without clogging the pores or weighing down the hair. It works to promote healthy sheen and restore luster to weather damaged and dry, brittle hair.

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