Aphrodite 03 Compact Ionic Hair Steamer


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Aphrodite 03 compact ionic hair steamer

Details of the Aphrodite 03 Compact Ionic Hair Steamer - APH04

Compact Table Top Hood Steamer Ideal For :

•  Treatments
•  Colouring
•  Perming
•  Conditioning
•  Removing Dandruff

The only one of its kind in the world 2 in 1 free standing table top hair & face steamer. This table top steamer can be placed around the house on a table or other convenient place for steaming treatments, both for hair and face.

The dual design makes it easy to switch from a hair treatment to a face treatment in seconds. With its well balanced body and easy to use control switches it makes this product ideal for home and salon use.

It takes up less space than a conventional steamer but it dose not compromise on power. Ozone gas (O3) is a powerful bactericide used in aesthetics to remove all impurities found in the dermis, eliminating damaged cells, accelerating the healing of skin, purifying oxygenation of the same.

Used as a complement to beauty treatments. The ozone switch on the base of the steamer allows you to control weather you need an ozone treatment or not.

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