Africa's Best Organics Touch-Up No-Lye Relaxer System

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Africa's best organics touch-up no-lye relaxer system

Details of the Africa's Best Organics Touch-Up No-Lye Relaxer System - ABT01

Africa's Best Organics No-Lye Relaxer. When just a touch-up is needed, Organics Touch Up Plus is the perfect relaxer system for retouching new growth. It offers the same unique benefits of Organic Conditioning found in the full size kit. Why is box larger than other retouch kits? Because Touch-Up Plus provides consumers with more than enough for a satisfactory retouch, and at a value price.


  1. Keeps hair extra soft smooth and silky straight.
  2. Formula is feather-light non greasy and wont weigh down hair.
  3. Use daily made exclusively for extra dry dull frizzy hair.
  4. Fortified with the restorative properties of Olive Oil. Naturess historic remedy for instantly moisturizing & strengthening dry hair.

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