African Pride Magical Gro Oil 5.3oz

African Pride

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African pride magical gro oil 5.3oz

Details of the African Pride Magical Gro Oil 5.3oz - AFP11

African Pride Magical Gro Rejuvenating Oil Formula rejuvenates Dry Hair


•  Our ancient African recipe promotes strong, healthy, shiny hair.
•  Contains the finest African oils, liquid herbal extracts and natural ingredients for your hair and scalp
•  Helps stop breakage, split ends and dry hair
•  Rejuvenates relaxed, color created or natural hair

We have discovered the Maximum Strength Magical Gro formula for your hair. Each Maximum Strength miracle ingredient helps create a strong, shiny head for hair and a healthy problem-free scalp. Let Maximum Strength Magical Gro rejuvenate your relaxed, color treated or natural hair.

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